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Burglar Guard Ltd., specializes in alarm systems for residential and small business at competitive pricing while meeting security requirements and expectations of the client.

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  • What Makes Up An Alarm?
    • Door & Window Contacts

      Doors and Windows are primary entry points for homes and businesses'. They are attached to the frame of the door and window and operate through magnetic attraction opening and closing the zone. These devices can be hardwired or wireless and is a reliable component of an alarm system.

    • Motion Detectors

      Motion Detectors are a reliable and effective way for protecting open spaces at your home or office. These devices can be hardwired or wireless which project and undetectable beam of infrared light approximately 40 feet of area. Motion Detectors can be adjusted for pets and most Motion Detectors you can have pets up to 65 lbs. Motion Detectors are reliable and work in conjunction with Door & Window Contacts and Glass Break Detectors.

    • Glass Break Detectors

      Glass Break Detectors are activated by the sound of Broken Glass. They communicate an alarm before an intruder enters the premises and are used in many business applications. Glass Break Detectors are reliable and work well in conjunction with Motion Sensors.

    • Smoke Detectors

      Each year there is a high dollar value of property damage and also causes unnecessary deaths to human lives and pets due to fire related incidents. A monitored smoke detector alerts you and your family to the presence of smoke and or heat while sending a signal to the monitoring station.

    • Carbon Monoxide Detector

      Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors are increasingly becoming more popular with any alarm system. Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors detect unsafe levels of odourless, colourless gas from carbon based fuels such as natural gas, propane and methane are burned incompletely. Carbon Monoxide Detectors trigger an alarm to alert you and the monitoring station of the presence of CO which is causing more and more unnecessary deaths to both human lives and pets.

    • Water Level Detector

      Water Level Detectors are also becoming more popular with alarm systems and are used in basements to detect the flow of water. As houses age water pipes are breaking also failure of sump pumps also can cause water damage in your home. Early detection of water can save an unnecessary insurance claim and the headaches involved in cleaning up water at your premises. When the sensor is triggered a signal is sent to the monitoring station.

    • Low/High Temperature Alert

      Temperature Alert provides remote monitoring of temperature conditions of your home or business. They are often used by people who vacation south for the winter so they know there is working heat in there home. They can also be used in businesses' where contents are subject to damage as a result of improper temperature conditions.

    • Keyfobs

      A wireless remote or "keyfob" is similar to a remote for your vehicle. The keyfob gives you the ability on or off at the push of a button.


Burglar Guard installs the General Electric Allegro range of home alarm system

GE Allegro

Starting at $0 upfront & $24.99 per month monitoring.

Includes 3 Wireless Door Contact's, 1 Wireless Standard Motion plus a Key Fob.

Burglar Guard installs the Honeywell Lynx range of home alarm systems

Honeywell Lynx

Starting at $99.99 upfront & $26.99 per month monitoring.

Includes 3 Wireless Door Contact's, 1 Standard Wireless Motion plus a Key Fob.

Burglar Guard installs the Honeywell Vista range of home alarm systems

Honeywell Vista

Starting at $99.99 upfront & $26.99 per month monitoring.

Includes 3 Hardwired Door Contact's, 1 Standard Hardwired Motion.

Burglar Guard installs the 2gig wireless home security system

2GIG with

Starting at $99.99 upfront & $32.99 per month monitoring.

Includes 3 Wireless Door Contact's, 1 Standard Wireless Motion plus a Key Fob.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • How Does Monitoring Work?

      With a monitored alarm from Burglar Guard your home is protected 24/7.

      Components of an alarm include door and window sensors, motion detectors and glass break detectors. These components may be either hard-wired to your alarm panel or wireless depending on your unique needs.

      An alarm incident results in an immediate seizure of the telephone line to transmit a signal to the station. When an alarm signal is received from the station the monitoring station will contact the premises, the appropriate authorities and personal contacts. In addition to alarm signals, your system can be programmed to communicate automatic periodic tests, low battery state on the panel or components and entry, exit and alarm information.

    • How Do I Prevent False Alarms?

      Approximately 90% of all alarm signals are false alarms. These numbers of false alarms have strained police with increased fees.

      Steps to reduce "False Alarms"

      1. 1. Ensure all know how to use the alarm and the proper procedures in cancelling an alarm. You can contact Burglar Guard Ltd., if further instruction or training is required for family members at home or employees at your business.
      2. 2. Make each Family member or employee know codes required to turn the system on and off as well as password to cancel dispatches. Burglar Guard Ltd., can be contacted to change codes if compromised to keep your belongings safe.
      3. 3. Ensure the alarm system is armed properly before exiting the premises. Alarm systems have a built in delay which Burglar Guard can change to give you additional time to exit.
      4. 4. Motion Sensors can be activated by pets or by the movement of items affected by air flow. Burglar Guard Ltd., can assist in adjusting the Motion Sensors or the system can be operated with Motion Sensors bypassed.
    • What Other Devices can I add to my Security System?

      1. 1. Panic Alarms
      2. 2. Medical Emergencies
      3. 3. High or Low Temperature
      4. 4. Flood Detection
      5. 5. Smoke/Heat Detection
      6. 6. Carbon Monoxide Detection
    • What happens when the Power Goes Out?

      The alarm system comes with a back-up battery in the control panel. The battery recharges itself one the power restores; it is recommended that this battery be changed every 4 years.

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